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Welcome to  I came up with the name for this website and purchased the domain many years ago thinking that someday I would possibly do something with this passion for photography and creativity which I've long held and studied, mostly through experience.

Along came the age of digital photography and it didn't take long for me to get hooked. I loved the instant gratification and the editing capabilities provided by photo editing softwares.

I continued to take photos throughout the years and often found myself looking at them from a different perspective and began to transform them into colorful shapes with abstract features whenever it felt appropriate. It' seems to feel different with every shot though my taste has always been quite eclectic.  

I've long respected the art of artistic accomplishment and I love the idea that a simple creative hobby could develop into an influence, capable of providing balance to my otherwise left brain thinking.

After all this time and lots of encouragement from friends, I've decided to start offering some of my work and see where that takes me if anyware.  I enjoy commercial projects as well.  Airbnb, house for sale photos, etc. 

More to follow - email me with any questions regarding process or pricing and have a great day!!

Herve Cote - San Diego, CA